What You've Been Taught About Weight Loss is Wrong: It's NOT About a Lack of Willpower

Find out why in this video... 

In the video, I'll share... 

  • The science behind weight loss and how our brain and hormones block our weight loss (and why keeping weight off is so hard, especially for women as we enter our 40s and 50s).
  • Why most people reach the dreaded weight loss plateau and then regain the weight no matter which diet they choose (and how to avoid that).  
  • Why it’s not really about not exercising enough (why the weight stays put even if you exercise a ton). 
  • What the 5% who succeed long term are doing differently.
  • My 5 step process that’s taking people from the diet/regain cycle to losing the weight for good.  

Mandy Degelsmith, PhD  

Mandy Degelsmith, PhD is the founder of the True Me Reset program, a comprehensive, cutting edge approach to help people bring their body back in balance, have more energy, and lose excess weght. She holds a doctorate in psychology and has led hundreds of people to healthy, sustainable weight loss for over 15 years.