What You've Been Taught About Weight Loss is Wrong: It's NOT About Willpower

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In the video, I'll reveal... 

  • The science behind huger, cravings, and why weight loss is so hard (especially for women as we enter our 40s and 50s) 
  • How our brain and hormones block our efforts weight loss efforts, and how to remove those blocks.
  • Why most people reach the dreaded weight loss plateau and then regain the weight no matter which diet they choose (and how to avoid that).  
  • How to truly reset your metabolism so you're not constantly battling your body and your brain.
  • Why it’s not really about not exercising enough (why the weight stays put even if you exercise a ton). 
  • What the 5% who succeed in losing weight long term are doing differently from everyone else.
  • My 5 step process that’s taking people from the diet/regain cycle to losing the weight for good.  

Mandy Degelsmith, PhD  

Mandy Degelsmith, PhD is the founder of the True Me Reset program, a comprehensive, cutting edge approach to help people bring their body back in balance, have more energy, and lose excess weght. She holds a doctorate in psychology and has led hundreds of people to healthy, sustainable weight loss for over 15 years.